I’m going to “Gathering of Artisans”  this October 10th-14th 2018!

Here on my blog, and set apart on this page, from this point forward, will be my Gathering of Artisans Journal 2018, chronicling my experience, my travels to and from North Carolina, and the things that God speaks to me along the way.

I’ll be documenting the insights and epiphanies I receive, Words from God’s Spirit through scripture, people, songs, and that still voice that envelopes me in LOVE AND HOPE, along with my spiritual growth in the area of my recently discovered gifting and abilities.

I feel that the Lord has been revealing to me, that I am to use them to further the Kingdom!

So I want to be a part of the uprising of KINGDOM CULTURE and incorporate that line of thinking, into every area of my life.

I believe that this event in North Carolina will be a pivotal experience in my life, and I’d like to take you along with me, on this MONUMENTAL journey.

For me, it IS EXPENSIVE and has been a huge investment towards the next season of my life, however that I feel that the Lord is putting me on this path, and I have to see where it goes.

Love and blessings to all of you!!!

Talk soon 😉